Town Swimming Center
in Nowy Targ

Regulations of Town Swimming Center in Nowy Targ

General provisions

  1. Town Swimming Center situated on Pl.Evry 4 in Nowy Targ, hereinafter referred to as Swimming Center is one of the facilities of Municipal Sports and Recreation Center in Nowy Targ.
  2. Swimming Center is open daily between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. (Swimming hall with all objects to 9:50 p.m.. You are allowed to enter the swimming pool hall not later than one hour before closing time.
  3. Before entering the Swimming Center You have to read the regulations hereby as well as with the regulations of using all the facilities in the swimming center (including saunas, slides, whirlpool basins and climbing wall) You are obliged to agree on all of the terms and conditions of regulations mentioned previously, at the moment you purchase the ticket.
  4. Everyone who enters the Swimming Center and uses its facilities is obliged to follow the regulations hereby, as well as the regulations mentioned in point 3.
  5. Anyone who infringes the public order or provisions of regulations hereby will be forced to leave the Swimming Center without the recovery of costs.
  6. Everyone, who uses the Swimming Center is obliged to follow the instructions and orders of service, lifeguards being on duty and all the information announced by the sound system.
  7. There is a monitoring system in the Swimming Center. Cameras are not set up in changing rooms, under the showers and in the bathrooms.
  8. 8. Every device to be used, has required certificates of quality, that guarantee safe using of them as long as you follow the manual.
  9. 9. The swimming center is designed to be used by individuals and groups.
  10. 10. Children up to the 7 years of age are allowed to be in the area of Swimming Center, only when they are supervised by adults.
  11. 11. In the building of swimming center, it is required to maintain the tidiness and peace. When there is such a need, call for help loudly and decidedly.
  12. 12. In order to get admission to the swimming center (swimming pool, saunas fitness, climbing wall), you need to buy a ticket or a subscription card. The magnetic stripe (transponder) is given at the entrance which has to be given back at the ticket window, while billing. Losing the magnetic stripe results in paying fine
  13. 13. Paymentl for stay at the swimming center is based on time of giving and charging the magnetic stripe (transponder). the fee is charged in accordance with current prize list.

Rules of using the swimming pool

  1. It is required to change the outdoor footwear before entering the swimming pool. Replace it with clean slippers or clogs and leave your outer garments in the changing room.
  2. You can use pools and other facilities only in the presence of lifeguards working in the swimming center. Lifeguards wear homogenous red uniform saying lifeguard
  3. Everybody is required to wash themselves properly in the shower and to rinse feet in the padding designed to disinfection.
  4. The users of pools and water facilities are obliged to wear a swimming suit designed to water sports. People with long hair ought to tie it. It is recommended to use a swimming cap.
  5. It is forbidden to use woolen and terry swimming suits, as well as gym trousers/shorts.
  6. Children under 3 years old are obliged to wear diaper- pants.
  7. People who cannot swim are allowed only to use the labeled area for non-swimming people
  8. Right-side traffic is compulsory in the swimming lanes. It is forbidden to swim across it.
  9. Up to 48 people are allowed to swim at the same time in the sport pool, in case of individual swimming (up to 8 people in one lane). In the recreational pool the maximum number of people is 35.
  10. When a sound signal is emitted (siren, whistle or information from the sound system), or accordingly to a lifeguards order, the users of pools and water facilities should instantly go out of the water and follow the orders of lifeguards on duty or other members of stuff.
  11. Each danger, cut or injuries should be instantly reported to the lifeguard on duty.
  12. There is a health point and an emergency phone situated in the swimming hall, in the lifeguards' duty office
  13. Emergency Numbers:
    ambulance - 999
    State Fire Service - 998
    The Police - 997
    European emergency number - 112.
  14. Swimming practice classes are carried out by the instructors, trainers hired by the swimming center or performing actions on its account, or other subjects, who have obtained the approval of the CEO of Municipal Center of Sport and Recreation and who had booked the lane earlier.
  15. Swimming- practice classes and other classes held by the swimming center, are based on the current schedule. Detailed information in the swimming center's box offices.

Prohibitions in the swimming center and in the swimming hall

  1. People who are not hired in the swimming pool are not allowed to be in the area of the swimming center after the working hours.
  2. Admission to the swimming pool after drinking alcohol or other illicit drugs is forbidden.
  3. Everybody, who suffers from infectious diseases, including skin diseases (for example smallpox, rubella, etc.), or who has opened or chronic wounds, struggles with difficulties in breathing or who has low hygiene standards, are not allowed to use pools or other devices.
  4. It is forbidden to use pools and pool facilities without being supervised by a lifeguards hired by the swimming center, guards, teachers or instructors or couch for the organized group
  5. Users of pools are not allowed to
    • enter the water without the guard's or tutor's permission
    • run, push or jump to the water from the edge of the pool
    • shout and make noise
    • seize or drown anybody, who swims or who is a classes' participant
    • bathe naked, including bathe in a shower
    • sit or go out of the water, through the lines separating lanes
    • defecate into the water or in other places not designed for that
    • eat, drink or chew the gum while bathing
    • swear
    • rubbish in the area of the swimming center
    • use sharp or glass object ( for example the dozens with cosmetics)
  6. It is forbidden to use outdoor footwear in a changing room and in swimming hall
  7. It is forbidden to eat beyond the buffet
  8. In the area of indoor swimming pool it is strictly forbidden to smoke
  9. It is forbidden to bring, drink or sell alcohol beverages in the indoor swimming pool
  10. It is forbidden to start an activity, conquering with a swimming center without its permission. It is especially forbidden to start one’s own professional lessons of swimming practicing, excluding the situation provided in point 26 of the regulations hereby.
  11. It is forbidden to bring pets, bikes, carriages, sledges or objects impeding the communication in the area of swimming center
  12. In the swimming center's area and surrounding it is forbidden to use roller skates, skateboards or rollerblades etc.


  1. Group of participants is allowed to enter the swimming center, accompanied by a guard, who is obliged to submit the entering group and a supervisor of group in writing, at the entrance. A group without a supervisor will not be admitted to the area of swimming pool.
  2. A group's guard or a person leading classes is obliged to read and inform the group about a necessity of following the regulations of swimming center. He is also obliged to stay with the group from the moment of entering, to the moment of leaving the swimming center.
  3. A group's guard or a person holding a training session bears the responsibility for the behaviour and safety of the group in the rooms of the swimming center and for coding stripes (transponders) given to the members of the group.
  4. Guards or class leaders are obliged to submit the beginning of classes to the lifeguard who shows the instruction of using the pool.
  5. All members of the group should enter the swimming pool at the same time. The guard or person who leads classes is obliged to check the number of people before and after classes. The lifeguard on duty should be informed about any inconsistence.
  6. A person, who holds training sessions is entitled to wear a swimming suit, that enables them to get into the water.
  7. Responsibility for the safety in the swimming hall is borne by the guard or the class leader and a lifeguard on duty.
  8. Every time while leaving the rooms of swimming hall, there should be submitted an information to the group supervisor.
  9. Groups using the swimming center should place any used equipment, in the specified place.
  10. While swimming - practice classes are held, it should not be more than fifteen group members in a group with one guard.


  1. Liability for the people in the area of the swimming hall, while public bathe is borne by lifeguards on duty
  2. Liability for safe and appropriate behavior of people in organized groups, using the swimming hall is borne by a leader of the classes or by a guard and, while being in the swimming hall, by lifeguards on duty as well.
  3. People suffering from heart diseases, circulation disorders, hypertension, balance disorders, and after recovery from long- term illnesses are obliged to obtain a medical permission before using a swimming pool a sauna or other facilities
  4. People, whose medical condition is unstable use the facilities in the swimming center on their own risk. Swimming center does not bear the liability for any possible effects.
  5. People destroying equipment and facilities in the swimming center or polluting water bear full substantive liability for caused damage.
  6. Parents or guards are liable for the damage caused by children.
  7. The swimming center does not bear any liability for accidents, which came into being as a result of not following the regulations.
  8. In case of organized groups, liability is borne by a guard of the group.
  9. Swimming center does not bear the liability for the goods, in particular, valuable goods lost in the area of the building of the swimming center or things lost as a result of theft excluding the cases provided by the law.
  10. The swimming center does not bear liability for the damage of the swim suits in the swimming hall, excluding the cases provided by the law.
  11. The swimming center does not bear liability for the breaks in functioning, about which the customers had been informed by placing the announcement informing about the predicted time of the break in the box office and on the entrance door.
  12. Liability for safety during organized competition is borne by organizer.


  1. The swimming center' s personnel may control every individual and organized groups - and - in case of faults- forbid further use of the swimming center or holding training sessions.
  2. A person, who destroys a magnetic stripe (transponder) or a magnetic card will be encumbered with the fee accordingly to the price list
  3. Inappropriate behavior towards the swimming center's stuff is an infringement of the regulations hereby and results in consequences, to the moment of refusal to use the swimming center
  4. Swimming center reserves the right to reservation or to exclusion of particular areas in the building of the swimming center, from use.
  5. A fee is charged for services offered in the swimming center in accordance with a current price list.
  6. Complaints and motions may be submitted in the swimming center's office from Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. or in the box office.


Have a good time.

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