Town Swimming Center
in Nowy Targ

The regulations of using the climbing wall

  1. Climbing wall can be used only in a presence of operator when there is made a payment in the box office.
  2. It is necessary to read the regulations hereby, sign the declaration of following it and be trained before using the climbing wall
  3. The climbing wall can be used by people not being under the influence of alcohol or other substances causing similar effect. It is also forbidden to use them on the area of facility
  4. Climbing is a dangerous sport involving a risk of health loss or death for a climbing person or people nearby. You use the climb wall on your own risk.
  5. The minors can climb only after submitting the written approval of the parent or the guard on his own risk. People mention above, cannot secure themselves on their own
  6. Those who has not attained 16 years of age are allowed to use the climbing wall only while being directly supervised by a parent of a guardian who is trained sufficiently, pr the climbing wall's operator
  7. Those who want to use the climbing wall are obliged to apply to the climbing wall's operator. The operator conducts a proper training within the scope of correct security.
  8. The operator (instructor) is responsible for safety on the wall. You need to comply to his orders unconditionally. On the climbing wall, there can be up to 12 people supervised by one operator.
  9. The operator is in charge of following the regulations. He has a right to remove people who does not follow the regulations or his orders from the area of climbing wall, which is separated by a access - controlling turnstile
  10. Remarks and suggestions concerning the operator's work shell be directed to the box office
  11. Those who use the climbing wall are obliged to finish a course dedicated to security, conducted by the climbing wall's operator. Every use of the climbing wall is possible only after the approval of the operator.
  12. Those who do not know how to secure and the beginners are invited to take part in individual or group courses held on the wall.
  13. It is forbidden to climb with lower protection, unless a person, who is properly trained (a climbing course), obtains the approval from the operator. Only a dynamic rope can be used in this type of climbing. While climbing, a person is obliged to clip themselves into all the anchors (runners, bolts) that are on the climbing route. It is forbidden to untie a line from the harness at the rappel stance or any other bolt permanent anchors.
  14. You must climb with proper clothes and footwear on. It is forbidden to climb without footwear.
  15. A climber can weigh up to 1.5 times more than a belayer.
  16. A harness line is attached with a knot (figure eight). It is strictly forbidden to attach the line with a carabiner.
  17. The protection takes place using belay devices (e.g. a cup). It is forbidden to use figures eight or Munter hitches. The automatic devices (e.g. grigri) may be used only by professionals.
  18. The climbing with upper protection is permissible only on the routes with lines.
  19. The climbing without any protection is permissible only on a designated boulder wall.
  20. It is forbidden to take any actions that would pose a threat to our own health or to health of other users of the wall, specially: disturbing during protection or climbing, climbing above or below other climbers, protecting away from the wall.
  21. Only the wall’s service is entitled to make any changes in the protection systems (upper protection lines, top roping, anchors, expresses, etc.) or to twist and mark holds.
  22. Only persons, who are currently climbing, along with a belayer, may stand directly under the climbing wall. It is forbidden to leave or put any objects and devices (specially belay devices), bags, bottles, stowed lines at the wall. It is not permissible to leave belay devices that are hooked in the line.
  23. The protection ought to be careful and effective, according to proper/best rules, while conserving devices and the wall equipment. One should tie a knot on the life line behind the belay device. The protection ought to be cautious and without loose lines! The belayer bears the responsibility for the climber’s safety.
  24. Climbers are obliged to use such devices that work properly and have certificates (UIAA, CE, DIN).
  25. It is forbidden to leave the climbers, who approach the wall, too rapidly.
  26. One should never attach two lines in the anchor into one carabiner. It is also forbidden to attach two lines into one individual upper protection system. It may result in line breaking!
  27. While climbing, it is forbidden to grasp bolts (bolt anchors)
  28. Every climber should have free space on the wall (ca. 1.5m wide)
  29. It is forbidden to climb in an “one on top of the other” method.
  30. It is forbidden to swing, hoist on the lines or to misuse devices.
  31. Climbers are obliged to inform the operator about any noticed technical faults or dangerous situations.
  32. It is forbidden to climb with finger jewelry or any kinds of big necklaces and earrings on.
  33. All climbers, irrespective of their abilities and experience, have the same appurtenances at the facility.
  34. The management of the swimming center do not bear responsibility for any accidents resulted from not following these regulations.


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