Town Swimming Center
in Nowy Targ

Regulations of using saunas

  1. Saunas are part of the swimming center, what means that provisions of the general regulations, as well as the regulations hereby, apply to them.
  2. Before entering, read the regulations of using saunas.
  3. Using saunas is tantamount to reading and agreement on the regulations hereby.
  4. Saunas are open from 4 p.m. on working days and from noon at the weekends and holidays
  5. In sauna, there are: Dry sauna, steam baths, sensational showers and the place of relax (heated benches)
  6. Before entering sauna, you need to approach the magnetic stripe (transponder) near to the reader on the gate of access control. The same procedure should be repeated while leaving saunas. During the visit in saunas, the time of visit in the swimming hall is stopped.
  7. The fee is billed on the basis of the real time of stay for every started minute and the current price list.
  8. Saunas can be used by adults. The minors can be in the area of saunas, only while being accompanied by an adult supervisor and on the supervisor's own risk
  9. In the dry sauna, there is a temperature between 96o and 100o and 10-20% air humidity
  10. In the steam bath, there is a temperature between 43o and 46o and 95-100% air humidity.
  11. Regulation of temperature is within the competence of stuff (It is forbidden to change the parameters on one's own)
  12. Saunas can be used only by healthy people or people, the illnesses of whom does not cause a contradictions to use saunas.
  13. Using saunas is not recommended to:
    • people with heart, and vascular diseases and circulation disorders
    • people suffering from severe infections of respiratory system and asthmatic conditions
    • people with fever
    • women during a menstruation and pregnancy
    • people being immediately after physical exertion
  14. The swimming center does not bear liability for any health consequences after using saunas.
  15. The management of the swimming center strongly advises every user of sauna to go on a medical consultation before the first visit in saunas and after few visits in order to check the impact of high temperature on the users' health condition.
  16. Before entering sauna:
    • use the toilet
    • take off all metal objects to avoid the body burns
    • take off your glasses or contact lenses
    • wash the whole body with a soap under the shower, then wipe off until dry
    • take of swim footwear. Be barefoot while entering the sauna.
  17. In a sauna room, you have to.
    • lie or sit on a dry towel and put your feet on a towel.
    • use a cotton swimsuit
    • be peaceful and quiet in order to become completely relaxed
  18. In the area of sauna, it is forbidden to.
    • enter with clothes and footwear on
    • perform beauty treatment
    • make noise and talk loudly
    • bring alcohol beverages and smoke
    • behave in an offensive or scandalous way
    • pour the water on seats, the heater or stones inside it.
  19. After leaving sauna it is recommended to cool down the body and take a rest
  20. Wash the whole body thoroughly before entering the swimming pool area, after using sauna.
  21. It is strictly forbidden to use a whirlpool basin after taking a sauna. excessive physical activity is not recommended as well.
  22. In case of feeling unwell, instantly push the emergency button
  23. A lifeguard on duty or a person supervising the sauna area is responsible for monitoring if the sauna regulations are followed by users.
  24. In case of unauthorized stay in saunas or refusing to have a magnetic stripe checked, the user will be encumbered with a fee in accordance to the price list

Have a good time
The Management of Swimming Center

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